Peter Bauer "Doc Pete"

Hi, nice to see you checking out my gallery. Thank you ;) I've been tattooing for 14 years and learnt it via apprenticeship back in 2004, at Talisman Tattoo in Te Atatu New Zealand. I lived about 13 years in Auckland and got there to work on a local cartoon called Bro'Town. During that time I scored the apprenticeship I just mentioned. Before I started tattooing I already worked for 12 years in the entertainment industry as a concept artist, game artist, storyboarder and general illustrator. Traditional drawing and painting, composition, "telling a compelling story through an image", anatomic proportions, as well as the golden ratio, are my daily tools to craft my work. I'm happy to have a great laugh and a nice conversation with my clients as well. To me, the quote "The Client is King" sums up what I stand for when it comes to customer service, quality of work and hygiene. I'm looking forward to meeting you and work together. Until then and all the best to you, DocPete

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