Forget that long waiting list…

You really thinking of getting a tattoo? Why wait if you can get it right away?

We proudly announce Our new duty tattoo system where during the opening hours 2 of our great

tattoo artists are waiting to get that ink into your skin.

Before arrival

we recommend a quick consultation via phone to make sure we still have available space for that day. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Small or big tattoo: What can I get during Walk-in tattoo service?

Of course our answer will be… anything you want. But regarding to the complicated and very big designs, our tattoo artist will consult with you about opportunities and may suggest an another appointment if it needs further plannig, retouching – to get the best results.

Is this service more expensive than the regular one?

Simply – NO. There is no extra charge for Walk-in tattoo service, on the contrary:
we even offer gifts and discounts, according to our current promotions.

Other discounts

We offer 10% discount for early arrivals. The Walk-in duty system works on whole opening hours. Those who arrive til 12 a.m. will get 10% off from their tattoo prices.

These discounts are available until recalled and cannot be combined with other special offers. The discount is not available for minimum price tattoos.

Why should I try the SOS tattoo service?

-no prior consultation needed

– no waiting list

-first come first served system

-extra bonuses

Front Desk

+49 157 5619 5841